2016 /1437 Hajj Package is Now Available


  • Aly Hindy


    From $10,290 US/Person
    Toronto Departure: Monday August 29 , 2016

    Return Saturday September 17, 2016

  • Linda Khanji

    Salaam Alaykum
    My husband and mother went with the Salaheddin Hajj Group 2015.

    They had a wonderful journey now it’s my turn the experience the journey to hajj.

  • Ahmad D. Hajj 2015

    Al Salam alykoum
    Brother abd elgani

    I would like to thank you and brother Ali and abdelrahman for a very enjoyable spiritual hajj.

    Ali made us feel it spiritually all times and not think of it as tourist or picnic trip? He is very good in that.
    My dear br abdelrahman he is something! It’s enjoyable to joke with him and call him abdelsamad or abdxxxx not Rahman .
    It was great going to haaram and live in front haaram.

    As we talked before hajj I expected to see my roommate younger Egyptian can help me if I needed. But you clever man put me with someone doesn’t speak Arabic and have more health problems but he was great person I love as the rest of the group. I’m glad that I can help translating Arabic signs, words, or numbers to some of non speaking Arabic
    The hotel in Mecca was blessing by seeing Kaaba from the window day and night doing Dua and prayers also my brother from Bangladesh walks every night to do twaf .

    I wish and pray to Allah that I can repeat the same experience again in the same way.
    Worth mentioning that we had a great Saudi guide ( مطوف) with his four young men also an excellent tourist bus.

    Alhamdullah it was over my expectation and thank you all.

    احبكم في الله جميعا
    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته